A picture of a picture in a video: My ears feel nice and warm

VIDEO: Recording Vocals “I Know That”

I recorded this on July 12 2013 – half a year ago! It is a video of me using ABLETON LIVE and recording vocals with a real microphone for a new really old song called I Know That. Here, I am demonstrating a vocal technique called “Flipping Through iPhone Pictures” which is a technique I Continue Reading »

(year 2000) Bad pic of me in my then crappy studio. In my pyjamas with bad hair even though I'm within arm's reach of a bottle of hair gel. I'm using MODPLUG TRACKER. Why are there no speakers? How was I able to hear anything?

VIDEO: Recording Vocals “The Universe is Full of Nasties”

Here is song #4 The Universe is Full of Nasties that I’ve been working on for the next NAVEL4EVE EP which most definitely won’t be released in 2013 as there’s like only a month and a half left until 2014. This video was recorded on June 8 2013 to prove that my new gear acquisition Continue Reading »

Looking cool and mysterious. But, really, I'm looking at the door, anticipating someone busting through and going "WTF are you doing?"

VIDEO: Tracking with Old Video Vocals & Guitar in Ableton “Ride”

The third installment for the next NAVEL4EVE EP, a song called Ride. I uploaded this video back on May 14 2013 – FIVE months ago! Time flies! Pretty straightforward stuff. You got an Ableton Live video that doesn’t really show anything except for coloured clips and a video in the corner of me singing and Continue Reading »