VIDEO: we’ve been had (the walkmen cover)

I wanted to make another video featuring a Christmas tree. If you remember, the first video featuring a Christmas Tree was done in 2007. I actually have a clip of another time I played a song in front of a Christmas Tree in 2008, but never posted that video as it was of a crappy song “Last Christmas” by WHAM! which was requested by a guy and I was confused as to why a guy would request that song.

This time around, I got my sister to participate and had her pick a song “We’ve Been Had” by THE WALKMEN. I raced to learn how to play the song and then we shot this video which looked like we might’ve done it in 2 takes, but we actually tried 17 times before we got tired. That’s because we needed time to memorize the lyrics even if we had the lyrics in front of us. Also a lot of the usual messing up with the guitar playing, bad lighting, bad camera angle, boringness, eating chips, and a really loud and annoying set of maracas (we call it the Che-ker Guevara which has been used in a few Kick Mouth You songs). The part where we take turns singing was not planned. My sister didn’t know when to come in and so I let her sing the next line by herself to cover up the mess up. That’s how pros do it!

At the end, I cut out the audio for a bit because my sister said something that we don’t want anyone hearing. I usually don’t sing this loud and it is now half a week later and my throat still hurts.

Also, I honestly have no idea what’s on my head so if a Clothing Accessory God comes to this journal, please be sure to tell me what I’m wearing.

Compare with the original “We’ve Been Had” by The Walkmen:

Looks like I played the guitar too fast. With each take, the tempo got faster and faster. This video is take 13 of 17 so imagine how fast the last take was.