VIDEO: we’ve been had (the walkmen cover)

I wanted to make another video featuring a Christmas tree. If you remember, the first video featuring a Christmas Tree was done in 2007. I actually have a clip of another time I played a song in front of a Christmas Tree in 2008, but never posted that video as it was of a crappy song “Last Christmas” by WHAM! which was requested by a guy and I was confused as to why a guy would request that song.

This time around, I got my sister to participate and had her pick a song “We’ve Been Had” by THE WALKMEN. I raced to learn how to play the song and then we shot this video which looked like we might’ve done it in 2 takes, but we actually tried 17 times before we got tired. That’s because we needed time to memorize the lyrics even if we had the lyrics in front of us. Also a lot of the usual messing up with the guitar playing, bad lighting, bad camera angle, boringness, eating chips, and a really loud and annoying set of maracas (we call it the Che-ker Guevara which has been used in a few Kick Mouth You songs). The part where we take turns singing was not planned. My sister didn’t know when to come in and so I let her sing the next line by herself to cover up the mess up. That’s how pros do it!

At the end, I cut out the audio for a bit because my sister said something that we don’t want anyone hearing. I usually don’t sing this loud and it is now half a week later and my throat still hurts.

Also, I honestly have no idea what’s on my head so if a Clothing Accessory God comes to this journal, please be sure to tell me what I’m wearing.

Compare with the original “We’ve Been Had” by The Walkmen:

Looks like I played the guitar too fast. With each take, the tempo got faster and faster. This video is take 13 of 17 so imagine how fast the last take was.

5 thoughts on “VIDEO: we’ve been had (the walkmen cover)

  1. Anonymous

    2007 wtf. That was a long time ago. And I don’t even remember 2008. Probably for the best. I’m impressed you were able to maintain the sense of nigh spontaneity for this take, and good job making me think you two were really coordinated with the alternating vocals. No idea what that accessory is. I thought it was a pantleg hatâ„¢ at first.

      1. Anonymous

        Well I wouldn’t have had much interest in acknowledging this past decade at all if not for you. You’ve been nonstop interesting and cool. I’m glad you’re still alive and stuff. I hope your next year goes well and you make and keep those things humans do, resolutions or whatever. And stuff.

        1. Anonymous

          ong bak

          Just in case you don’t watch mixed martial arts (UFC, etc.) – Trainer Roufus says Pettis’ WEC 53 kick inspired by “Ong Bak” cult movie – (with video of kick)

          People have obsessively been talking about the Ong Bak kick and making gifs of it from multiple angles:

          Anyway I just wanted to post something un-mushy as a counterbalance to prev. comment. I was just happy to find out I’m ‘safe’ now and can move on from limbo (school/life). See ya!


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