VIDEO: working on a song, drumming

Here’s a video of me drumming. I really don’t want to say it, but this is the first time I’ve ever recorded myself drumming to one of my songs. The reason why I don’t want to reveal that is because a lot of people think I have live drums in some of my songs and I like to trick people like that. Now that I have tried this once, I will record some drums for the debut album and prolong the release even more.

In this video, I am frustrated because this kit has a hi-hat pedal that doesn’t like to be “closed” unless I press really hard on a certain spot. So there’s a lot of unintentional open hi-hats here. The kick also keeps sliding away as I don’t have it on a rug. If you watch to the end, I lose the beat because the kick has slid out of reach even though I weighed it down with a box of magazines.

Some other reasons why I do not look amused in this video:

1. I just got some new gear which was an APOGEE DUET audio interface. I used it to record the guitar and voice, but – DANG – I didn’t know it didn’t come with MIDI ports! Good thing I still have a functioning Midi interface, so I hooked that up to my keyboard as well as the e-drums for the first time ever in my entire life. What a headache that was because I couldn’t figure out why the kick was making a snare flam noise and why the snare was silent. Had no idea I was getting myself into a world of headache. But because I did that, we now have a banging song instead of a mellow drumless and keyboardless song = THE EVOLUTION OF A SONG!

2. I had no idea what beat to play during the chord change and defaulted to a disco beat which – even though it’s an easy beat to play – I still haven’t mastered because my left hand sucks. I wonder what will be the end result. Stay tuned!

3. I make a pissed off face when the synth starts up at a few spots because it’s SO LOUD and I couldn’t figure out why it was SO FREAKING LOUD… until later – it was a glitchy bus in the mixer!

4. The wired headphones were getting in the way. I have stretched it all the way from where the camera is and wrapped it around parts of the drum kit for slack. You can see me scooting under the cord at the beginning of the video. Added to the list of “Gear to Get” = wireless headphones!

This is a skeleton of a song I wrote 15 years ago. That’s right, 15 YEARS AGO. I TOLD you it takes me forever to release music. It’s a song called “Spooks” which is a crying shame because it’s not at all clever. I named it during my spy phase, see. I also named my student film production company “Spooks Productions”. Looks like I was really into spies back then. Also back then, I was using a DOS music making program and so was limited to an 8 character filename hence the one-word name “Spooks” (and “Spooks2″ actually that is technically the original name of this song). The lyrics were written years later when THE RING came out and oh boy I do not like ghost stories as they scare me. But see how the song title worked out because “spooks” can also mean “ghosts”. Perhaps the songtitle is clever after all, eh!

This song was originally creepy cheap synth sounding. Now I see it is decent enough to put on an album so I’ll probably put this song on my 2nd or 3rd album. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my debut album. I’m still trying to mix the 1st album for the last 8 years now!

Please enjoy this skeleton of a song with scratch vocals, guitars, synth, and drums as it will most likely change into a quantized techno song 8-16 years down the road.